About Me

Greetings! I'm Benjamin Chang, an undergraduate student at the Johns Hopkins University majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics. My focus areas are: Statistics and Statistical Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Software Engineering. I have practical experience in full-stack development, big data processing, and applied machine learning (NLP) from multiple internships and research experiences, allowing me to make impactful contributions in the intersection of machine learning and software engineering.

My Interests

  • Applied Machine Learning

    Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Model Deployment Pipelines, Multimodel Machine Learning, Deep Learning

  • Backend Engineering

    API Design and Development, Microservice Architecture, Database Optimization, Caching Strategies, Containerization and Orchestration

  • Big Data

    Data Visualization, Scalable Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Automated Data Pipelines, Data Mining

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Distributed Computing, Cloud Performance Optimization, Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Serverless Architecture


  1. Scale AI | Artificial Intelligence Model Trainer

    01/24 — Present
  2. Johns Hopkins University Department of Computer Science | Course Assistant

    08/23 — Present
  3. Google | CSRMP 2023B Scholar

    09/23 — 12/23
  4. StudyFind - Software Development Team | Junior Software Developer (Full-Stack)

    03/23 — 09/23
  5. SoKat - jArvIs Team | Machine Learning Engineer Intern

    06/23 — 08/23

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My current research interests lie within the field of Information Retrieval in Natural Language Processing. I am currently an undergraduate researcher at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing, where I am mentored by Orion Weller under Dr. Benjamin van Durme. In the past, I have researched at the intersections of Data Science and the Applied Natural Sciences.


1. Weller, O., Chang, B., MacAvaney, S., Lo, K., Cohan, A., Van Durme, B., Lawrie, D., & Soldaini, L. (2024). FollowIR: Evaluating and Teaching Information Retrieval Models to Follow Instructions. doi: 10.48550/arXiv.2403.15246

2. Chang, B., Huang, J., & Ho, J. (2022). Small-Scale Electrochemical Oxidation of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Conventional Approaches and Conditions. ChemRxiv. doi: 10.26434/chemrxiv-2022-s177n

3. Huang, J., Huang, H., Chang, B., & Ho, J. (2022). Evaluating the Effectiveness of Physical exercise in improving standardized testing performances through attention indices. Brain and Behavior. doi: 10.1002/brb3.2800

4. Ho, J., Huang, J., Chang, B., Liu, A., & Liu, Z. (2022). Reinforcement Learning: Playing Tic-Tac-Toe. TechRxiv. doi: 0.36227/techrxiv.20407575.v1

5. Ho, J., Huang, J., & Chang, B. (2022). Reforming Intellectual Property Right Based on Public Preferences Towards Artificial Intelligence Generated Music. TechRxiv. doi: 10.36227/techrxiv.20407644.v1

Research Experience

  1. Center for Language and Speech Processing | Undergraduate Researcher

    01/23 — Present
  2. Kennedy Krieger Institute | Research Data Analyst

    09/22 — 01/23
  3. Johns Hopkins Medicine | Clinical Data Research Assistant

    09/22 — 12/22
  4. National Tsinghua University | Mathematics and Science Research Training Program

    09/17 — 06/19